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There can be between 50 and several hundreds of cards from each area. They are made up into packets of 50 cards; P1, P2, ..etc.
The first "P1" in the row above is shown automatically by default. To see the "Picture Side" click the rigth square in the "PHOTO"-column.
To see the "Address Side" click on the right square in the "Num"-Column. Return to the Table-showing with the "Backwards Arrow"
on the Standard Row of your computer. The screen is divided into two halfes.On the left side the cards are sortered on Order-Number.
To the rigth the same Cards are sortered alphabetically (Col.3) A "S" in the "A"-col means that card is already Sold. 
A "N" means that the card is Newly-issued. Prices are both in EURO and in Sw. Cr.