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Orders are handled more fluently if the Order form is used.
If there is problem look below at the last part.
Ordinary e-mail almost allways functions! Mail to Backen


Prices are both in Sw. Cr. and actual foreign currency; Euro, $, £ .
Delivery in normal letter. Postage according to Post Nord taxes.
Payment: I have Paypal. For custumers with Swedish Bank
it is easier I Mail when of current interest.

First Name:

Last Name:


Postal code:

City, Village etc:



Mark Types of Objects included. More than one Type in the same Order is allowed.
P C Swed P C Scand. P C Europe P C Oversee Stamp Swed Aux

Detail Your Order: Free writing, but Ordernumber (first Column) is compulsory.


How to Order if the Form above do not function?
The Window Functions I used more than 10 yrs ago when building my systems,
e g FORM, FRAMES, NOTES are not compatible to Windows 7 and 8 and
other modern systems any longer.Myself I have added Mozilla to be able to be on the Webb.
I suggest the following: Open an empty mail to RD. Send an e-mail
Mark the whole line on the objekt you want to order at my actual page;
Use "Copy"; Ctrl "C" than go to the Mail-page and "Paste", Ctrl "V". Go to the next
objekt you want to order and repeat the same procedure and fill up the mail.
Remember to add your Name and Postal Address before sending.

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