The Shop and its Owner
The owner, Rolf Dahlström, has been a collector of stamps for more than 50 years.
I am a traditional collector, used stamps mostly, and have many countries on my collecting-list.
But I have a considerable stock of elderly mostly cancelled Stamps from many countries.
Presently on my Home-Page is narrowed to Swedish stamps; e g "Ort-stämplar Oscar - onwards".
Backen Postcards
More than 3000 Cards are scanned on my home-pages. The Pages are updated 2-4 times yearly.
Cards from Sweden are in majority. They are sortered geographicilly in >20 counties.
Thematic Cards are divided into 15 groups. Cards from abroad
are sortered pro country ore Area (Continent).Germany and USA are major countries.
I have objects from almost every country. The Prices are set in relevance to "age" and quality.
Easiest is to use the "Order Form.". With your modern Computersystem it my
not Function! Use regular e-mail. Payment
Prices are both in Sw Cr and $US, € or £ when relevent. I send the Objects in ordinairy letter.
Payment; PayPal easiest Direct Banktranmission is possible. I have acount in Euro..
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